UDC model exams

Dear candidates,

Following are a series of model test papers for the upcoming UDC examination.

You could download them for FREE, and practice by solving the questions. For better results, it is advised that these test papers may be attended in an examination environment within the prescribed time of 2 hours.

You may then evaluate your performance with the Answer key provided. Award yourself 1 mark for each correct answer and deduce 0.25 mark for every wrong answer. You may also post your REAL score on the website so as to assess yourself where you stand.

Keep practising! All the best!

UDC examination – Model Test 01Download—> Question PaperDownload—> Answer Key

UDC examination – Model Test 02 – Download—> Question PaperDownload—> Answer Key

UDC examination – Model Test 03 – Download—> Question PaperDownload—> Answer Key